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Custom Pins

We are changing the way to produce custom pins from your idea or photo.

From promotional pins to a special badge for a company, Pinsbay will create great custom lapel pins that produce head turns.

Various metals and raw materials are used to make pins. Normally, our workshop uses Zamak alloys, which is a cheap and quality composition containing zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. They are manufactured from scratch in all our options, custom made to the shape of your logo and we can use durable enamel colors on them.

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3Dpins three dimensional eagle with antique gold finish

Premium options for custom pins

We are delighted to offer the best options to create favoulous pins. Our experience in top brand jewelry will help you to customize pins in every way you can think, here you can see some examples of customization:

10 metal finishes
3000 enamel colors
4 back attachments
18k gold and 925 silver
Epoxy coating

Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum

You can order custom made pins from any quantity in PinsBay. Before you do so, you should understand that the difficult part of the work is to design and produce the first pin in the production steps.

For this reason, the price of producing 1 or 2 pins will be similar than producing 25 or 50 pins. This is the reason why we always recomend our clients to check the prices from 25 or 50 custom pins.

Enamel pins with hand vivid colors

How to make custom pins

Customers have several options for making their own personalized pin. Depending on your taste and preference you can opt for the metal pins with reliefs in 2D or for the golden pins with a varnish of color.


Here are the different varieties we offer of metal finishes. In addition, the pins can be decorated with enameled colors.

Colors of Your Pins

We can make your custom pins using the colors of the Pantone table of your choice.


We have several types of fasteners for pins:

Metal fastener
Rubber fastener
Nail clip
Screw connection
Magnetic clamp

Boxes and Packing

The presentation options include:

Plastic clutch-bag
Plastic box
Velvet box
Velvet pouch


In addition to giving you the chance to add cheap stones on inexpensive metal pins, we also offer you the opportunity to use genuine diamonds of the size and quality of your choice.