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Pinsbay Guarantee

What is the Pinsbay Guarantee ?

We know you will be happy with our custom pins made for you, but in case you are not, we will take care of your order and we will find a solution.

Pinsbay Guarantee is our way to give you a peace of mind when you order and produce a custom product with us.

Pinsbay guarantees your custom product is free from a manufacturer defect or it will be repaired or replaced.

Moreover, we will re-design your pins as many times as you need before producing. We will start the production only if you are 100% sure that your pins will be like you pretend. In case that you receive any product with design errors, colors mix up or shipping problem, we will take care about your order and we will make you happy from one way or another.

Defective Products

What should I do if I receive a defective product ?

If your product has a defect, we will take care of it.

Support is available on the product defect for return/exchange and claimed under 5 days of delivery.

Please note some products can have small defects because they are hand-made and we can not refund or replace products that have minor marks or very small errors. Be understanding, we will do the same towards your order to find a good solution for you.

Contact customer care if your product has a manufacturer problem. We will find a solution!