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Our Values

We like pins, we like our planet and we like animals. Money is important for us but we do everything in a positive way. 

Seriously taking care about our clients and about the world where we live.


Our clients are the most important for us.


Your proyect is our proyect. We take it personal and get the best option for you.


We collaborate in social causes and we give special discounts.


Explain us your social proyect. We can collaborate with you.


We adapt proceesses and products to ensure a minimum impact.


We daily do the things to get our processes and products a low environmental impact.


We help animal asociations and give a second change to cats and dogs.

They need help

We donate products to fund animal asociations. We pay for servers and we design websites to help them.

22 Years Experience In Custom Pins

We are a family business specialiced in custom jewelry from 1998. We know the small details that can make a custom order come out with higher quality at lower cost.

Our company was founded in Vinaros (Spain) in 1998. At the beginning, we started out as a jewelry and workshop, specialized in gold and silver. In a few years we saw we could grow and we improved our company by expanding our workshop. We actually cooperate with other workshops, importing, exporting and manufacturing custom products to many jewelry shops worldwide.

Our hard work obtained clients throughout Europe and rest of the world. We started to sell custom products online since 2006.

We try to make things easier by making the right products for each person. We save on design costs because we have our own designers and we work in workshops with the latest technology. In addition, we have been working in this field for many years and we know the small details that can make a pin come out with better quality at a lower cost.

Our Work

What do we do?

We take care of everything. From design to shipping. We have workshops at our disposal with which we work side by side. We give our guarantee of quality in every product we supply.

We deliver the products to our customers just as we would like to receive them if we were customers.



And… How are we?

Honest… We work every day from the honesty so that both the client and we do not have problems and the order goes well. We promise to explain in detail how the product we will make will be.

Economical… Our intention is to be the cheapest on the net. For this we make each personalized budget and we always try to choose the best option for each type of work.

Reliable… We guarantee that our products will be in your hands in short periods, we always indicate the delivery time. In addition, all our shipments are 24-hour delivery service with a tracking number to avoid problems with transport companies and offer extra value in your order.

We have no doubt that you will be 100% satisfied with our products, quality, design experience, service and delivery. In fact, all of our orders come with our service guarantee.



And… What do our clients think?

Being direct to you, the best way to know what our clients think is by seeing the summary of real opinions on our website, with comments taken directly from our Facebook or Google Business.


Why are we the cheapest on the internet?
We are the cheapest because we try to make things easy, with few or no intermediaries, so that the end customer gets a better price.

Our pros are high quality, low cost, detailed work and the fastest delivery worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive your personalized quote.

Our Logos

You can see two different logos that represent us. Our long time logo is a crown that reminds us our begginnings, when we worked for many jewelries. Moreover, our company is located in a square which is called “Three Kings”, so the combination is perfect.

As you can see, our main logo in this website is a picture of a dog and cat. After many proposals, we have chosen this logo because we like animals and we care a lot about them, they are very present in our lives.

Our Address

We are a jewelry with own workshop in Vinaros, Valencian Comunity. We produce, import and export custom lapel pins and quality custom products from 1998.

We work with 18k gold, 925 silver and cheap metal.


Plaza Tres Reyes 19

12500, Vinaros


Working hours:

From Monday to Friday

From 7.00h to 19.00h

We also work many Saturdays