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Create quality lapel pins with your logo

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We are manufacturers of custom lapel pins.

we work for many jewelry companies to suply quality lapel pins from 1998

How we make your pins

1 - Online Order

Make an online pins order. Send your logo to us after the check out process. We will create your cheap pins very fast.

2 - Design

We send you a detailed artwork with your logo. You can ask for changes or you can accept the design for production.

3 - Production

Our pins factory will manufacture your pins faster than you think. We will ship your order with 1 day delivery to most countries in Europe.

23 years experience

Our experience after two decades working with pins will help you to produce the best pins for less money.

We collaborate

Money is not everything. We collaborate with child, animal and world causes. We can collaborate with you if this is your case.

Only quality lapel pins

We only work with the best materials and we use the latest technology in our pins factory.

Custom hard enamel pin

Pins with your logo

We design lapel pins from your logo. We send your artwork very fast to let you know how exactly will look your personalized pins.

Fast Communication

We work for your convenience. Our designers and workers will communicate very fast with you.

fast production

We produce lapel pins and custom metal products very fast. You can get your pins from 9 days production time.


Our passion is to create pins

20 years experience.

We are an experienced supplier and pin maker in Europe. We create pins and promotional items from 1998. 

We know communication and high quality is essential for your business.

We take care about you and your proyect. We create the best quality pins and badges in this business sector.

What we do


We work a lot to get our clients happy.

Lapel pin company

Our pins are premium and luxure. We make custom enamel pins from 20 years ago.

It is cheap and fast when you make your own pins with us.

Enamel Colors

We work with more than 2000 enamel colors in order to create your desired custom pins.

18k Gold

We can use real 18k gold. This  gift will keep value over the time.

Sterling Silver

We also create lapel pins with sterling silver. Special orders for companies and enterprices.