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We have prepared the following questions and answers to improve the process and place the order without problems.

How soon will I receive my order?

We explain the delivery time for each order before ordering. 

The normal production time is from 10 to 20 days after confirming the payment and confirming the design, but please check the emails to see the production time for your specific order. Many times we deliver in less days. 

If you bought your pins direcly in our web shop and you are in a rush, please let us know your needs and we will confirm you if we can do it on time.

What happens if I decide to modify the design?

Nothing happens. We modify the design as many times as you wish. All extra work delays the process. If you are in a hurry, we recommend confirming the design as soon as possible.

Why do we send the design?

The designs, photos, sketches that our clients send us are modified to be able to be shaped in metal.

We send the design to our clients in order that they look at it and review it. We modify the designs as many times as they ask, but we do not take charge if they confirm a design with some detail that does not like or it is wrong (Examples: design errors, spelling, etc).

Is communication faster by email or phone?

The communication by email is faster because we answer the emails fast and the information is stored. It facilitates the work for us.

Can I do something to receive my product before the stipulated time?

Yes, you can confirm the design quickly when we send it, that guarantees a fast delivery.

If you need the product faster than our stipulated time, you can ask us. A faster delivery can have an increase of price.

Can the process be extended in more than 20 days?

As you can understand, any design modification or delay in confirming the design will lengthen the process. Moreover, the actual situation about COVID and the lack of supply can delay any proyect. If something related to this occurs to your order, we ask you to be patient and understand the situation.

Will we notify you when the finished product is ready to ship?

Yes. We will contact you to confirm the shipping address at the end of the production process, tax data and telephone number. With this information we make your invoice and send the package to you with 24-48 hours service.

When do I make the second payment?

The day before sending the product.

What happens if I do not receive my package in 24-72 hours?

The packages are always delivered in less than 72 hours. We pay for a fast service and we offer it free to our customers to avoid delivery problems.

In case of delayed deliveries, do not hesitate to send us an email and we will send you the information of your shipment. We will contact the transport company.

How do I get a cheaper price?

Make a comment on our Facebook to share your experience, we will take it into account and you will receive the best offers.

Your comments serve to give us strength and continue in this business in these difficult times. They also explain the experience to our potential clients.

In addition, we always make discounts as our clients place more orders. We reward fidelity.

Do you want us to share your web page?

If you have any Facebook page, charitable, fundraising, NGO, etc … Do not hesitate to communicate and we will share your page. We collaborate with ONG and animal rescuel association from many years ago.